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20-to-20 Meditation Training Series

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20-to-20 Meditation Training Series

During this 20-day series, you’ll gain access and insight into various different types of meditations to find your center and calm your mind.  You’ll find what works, what doesn’t and create a practice that’s fully aligned with you.

March 2021 Series

Audio and Video Trainings


Today's focus is awareness and concentration of breath.

Today's focus is the allowance of thoughts and awareness of breath.

Today's focus is on mindfulness and letting go of outside distractions.

Today's focus is body scanning with Vipassana. 

Today's focus is the dissipation of fear.

Today's focus is chakras and healing.

Today's focus is sound bowls and activating the sacral chakra. 

Today's focus is using mala beads to chant to Lakshmi. 

Today's focus is connecting with our infinite being.

Today's focus is meditating with crystals.

Today's focus is money and abundance visualization. 

Today's focus is chanting to Ganesha.

Today's focus is on silence.

Today's focus is on the Second Sacred Ray - The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom - which corresponds with Sunday. 

Today's focus is on the First Sacred Ray - The Flame of Healing and Protection - which corresponds with Monday.

Today's focus is on the Third Sacred Ray - The Flame of Cosmic Love - which corresponds with Tuesday.

Today's focus is the Fifth Sacred Ray - the Flame of Healing and Manifestation - which corresponds with Wednesday.

Today's focus is The Sixth Sacred Ray - The Flame of Resurrection - which corresponds with Thursday.

Today's focus is the Fourth Sacred Ray - The Flame of Purification - which corresponds with Friday.

Today's focus is the Seventh Sacred Ray - The Violet Flame - which corresponds with Saturday. 

March 2020 Series

Audio and Video Trainings


Today's focus is breathing and bringing awareness to ourselves.  

Today's focus is the benefits of spinal alignment.

Today's focus is on white light meditation.  White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies.  It can be called upon by anyone for assistance, healing, and protection from negative energies or wonky vibrations.

Today's focus is body scanning with Vipassana.  This the ability to be with the sensations in your body, which allows them to show up and disappear with ease.  

Today's focus is on violet flame meditation.  

Today's focus is on the chakras and healing through meditation.

Today's meditation is focused on the Heart Chakra, and opening ourselves up to love everywhere.

Today's meditation focuses on sound bowls and their use during meditation practice.

Today's focus is on Mala beads and chanting during meditation.  We chant for abundance with Lakshmi.

Today's focus is on chakra light work and observation, awareness and stillness.

Today's focus is the Violet Flame Ray. 

Today's focus is the creation of new life and new opportunity. 

Today's focus is Pranayama breathing.

Today's focus is Ganesha chants and use of morties.

Today's Focus is the I AM presence. 

Today's focus is the Emerald Flame.

Today's focus is ascension crystals. 

Today's focus is the violet flame and Mary Magdalene. 

Today's focus is ascended master meditation.

Today's focus is silence.

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