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Igniting Your Money Mastery! 8- Week Course

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Igniting Your Money Mastery! 8- Week Course

A 10 Week Course hosted by Tamara Ross diving into the Energetics of Money! Learn how to clear your blocks and tap into abundance like never before!

Start now! Get grounded in your intentions and what you want to get out of the course!

Clearing energy is important for many reasons. It helps us to stay balanced and aligned with our highest SELF. It supports us in following the guidance of the universe, our guides, and our SELVES. On a day-to-day moment-by-moment basis, we are susceptible to taking on other people's energy about money, abundance, wealth, having more, and BEING more. It will be your job to stay diligent in recognizing what is NOT your energy and clearing it from your field. Start now! 

Now that you've developed yourself in clearing energy, it's time to ALIGN yourself with what you truly desire most! Alignment is one of the most impactful steps to creating. If you choose not to do this newly, you will continue to create more of what you already have... more of what you don't want!

The easiest way to make magic happen is to tap into Source energy and co-create with it.  When you co-create with source energy, the universe, or god, you gain the capacity to leap frog beyond what you know is possible!

Learn how to recognize and follow your intuition. We'll explore and understand your own knowing and your own gifts as an intuit.

You've heard the saying, "just trust, it's all working out!" Maybe you even know it, or you've said it to yourself. Sometimes it's easier said than done right? This is where you'll get to actually take on that life long lesson of trusting!

At this point, you have been Igniting Your Money Mastery for a few weeks, so it's time to check in. What has shifted in your reality, what has changed, and where have you expanded in your money creations?

When one has a breakthrough, we all have a breakthrough. There is power in numbers and listening to these calls is sure to have you access something new and profound. I wonder what you'll hear!

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